Why can't I sign in?
If you are having trouble signing in, it may be because your web browser isn't set up to accept "cookies" - which keep track of your user name and password. In order to sign in, you must enable cookies. You can do this in your web browser. Each browser has a slightly different way of enabling cookies, and you can usually find instructions by going to your browser's Help section. Once you enable cookies, restart your browser and attempt to sign into your Pegipegi.com account.

The other cause could be that Pegipegi.com is blocked by your virus software, your browser or your ISP. Check your settings and add Pegipegi.com.com to your safe list.

How can I change or reset my password?
If you want to change or reset your Pegipegi.com password, please go to the login page and you will see link to change your password

You'll be asked to provide some identification information, then if you pass, we'll send you an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your password. If you don't receive our e-mail within an hour, check your e-mail program's spam folder (and in the future, make sure your mail program allows e-mails from Pegipegi.com).

Once you receive your password reset e-mail, click the link found in the e-mail. If the link does not take you to a page on Pegipegi.com, please cut and paste the entire link into your web browser. If you do not see a link in the email we send you, please contact us.

How can I register?
Becoming a member is easy. Simply go to our Home Page and click the Sign Up link found at the top-right of the page.
You can create a Pegipegi.com account by giving us your email and choosing a password. We'll also ask you to pick a screen name and tell us what city or town you live in.

Once you've created an account, add some information to your Pegipegi.com Profile so that other members will know a bit about you.

How can I change the e-mail address associated with my account?
Please go to My Page link found in almost pegipegi.com web page. We'll ask you to sign in if you haven't already. Once you sign in, we'll take you to the right page in your Member Profile.

Click Inquire/Modify in the Member Information section.
Click E-Mail Address Change button.
System will ask you new email address that you want to register, then you will be send a test e-mail to verify your new email address
Open your email address and click the link provided in the test email
You'll be redirected to pegipegi.com and the process is finished

Is it safe to give you my personal information?
Yes. We value your privacy and security as much as you do, and we won't send you spam. Moreover, the personal information you provide when you register for a Pegipegi.com account will not be sold to any third parties, nor will it be shared with other members. Other Pegipegi.com members will only see your screen name, unless you choose to include additional information in your contributions. Additionally, if you choose to communicate with other members via our Private Messaging, only your screen name will be shown.

How can I close my account?
Close your account Please go to My Page and you will be asked to login If you haven't done so. In Member Information section, please choose Inquire/Modify link You will see a button to delete your membership. Click the button and you will be asked for confirmation

Does it cost anything to become a member?
Nope. Pegipegi.com membership is completely free.

I've lost my password. How do I sign in?
If you can't remember your Pegipegi.com password, Please go to login page. and you will see a link to retrieve your password You will be asked some identification confirmation and if you pass, you will be sent and email containing your password If you do not receive a password e-mail (and it's not in your spam folder,) please contact us and we'll be happy to help